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SYDNEY, 18th MARCH 2021

Advance your leadership skills to achieve outstanding results for your team, organisation and community.

This is a tailored one-day masterclass for the top tier of local government leaders

 This masterclass has been designed specifically for mayors, councillors and senior local government leaders, and is led by Nick Tobin who has over 30 years of local government experience.

Participants will elicit new ideas and ways of thinking on how to build a harmonious team, create a productive organisation and develop a culture to create outstanding results. Nick will share his experience delivering award-winning infrastructure for local communities along with his ideas on how local government leaders can better leverage their resources for improved community outcomes. The masterclass focuses on techniques for developing strengths of your staff and giving them the confidence to excel in their role and obtain recognition within the organisation and community.

As a successful leader you will create passion, excitement and drive among employees, increase the tenure of staff, preserve company knowledge, and boost productivity and the skills of your people.

  • Discover how to tap into your natural leadership skills
  • Improve your ability to manage a diverse team
  • Build a team that can achieve outstanding results
  • Learn from cases studies that exemplify leadership in local government
  • Techniques for creating trusting and successful relationships between staff and elected officials
  • Mayors and Councillors
  • General Managers
  • Directors
  • Human Resource Managers
About your PRESENTER

Nick Tobin

Nick Tobin is a dynamic and innovative CEO and General Manager with significant experience spanning more than 30 years in government as well as extensive experience in the corporate sector. He has a passion for developing the people he leads and has a way of bringing out the best in staff, and emerging leaders.

Nick’s personal strengths include innovative and strategic thinking, creating and leading a strong executive team and building strong staff morale and motivation. His expertise extends to managing and engaging councillors, strategic planning for a city that incorporates unique and diverse communities, destination management and incorporating sustainability into projects.

Recent leadership roles as CEO of Yuhu Group, CEO of Aqualand and General Manager of Willoughby City Council give credence to Nick’s ability to deliver innovative and efficient service delivery, long term financial planning and unique financial modelling, property development, strategic planning and policy development.

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